Monday, November 2, 2009

The GYM!!!

The Gym...a place where we go to ritualistically torture ourselves.  We know we should go, we know it will help us get healthy, stay in shape etc.etc.etc.  We resist going as often as possible.  At least I do, I make excuses, oh I'm tired, my knee is sore, my back is sore, I don't have time, you name the excuse, I have probably used it at least once.  Here's the funny thing though, you go dragging your butt, you force yourself onto a machine, and thirty minutes later you are done and feeling great.  Sometime you feel so great that you restart the machine and do another 30 minutes, then another.  You feel great when you are done stretching!  You bob along home feeling great, you feel better, you sleep better, you are reaping the benefits. 

So why is it then, that I hate going so much.  I had to make myself go to the gym last night.  I did not want to go, but seeing as how I skipped Thursday(weigh in night no time, never mind the fact that I'm home from weigh in by 630), I skipped Friday( went for dinner and had to go grocery and pet food shopping, never mind that I was home by 8 and the gym is open until 11!)  I didn't go Saturday (just had to hand out the treats to all of the little kids roaming the streets in their costumes, oh yeah, we shut it down just before 8, again the gym is open until 11!) Didn't I tell you I was the queen of excuses?!?!?!?  I forced myself to go last night, and what did I do?  I did an hour, yes an hour on the elliptical, then I was feeling so good that I moved over to the Stairmaster for 20minutes.  I stretched and I felt great and I reaped the rewards for it!  I felt good and I slept really well.

So tonight I will repeat the whole process, but tonight, lucky me!  I get to work with weights as well.  I get to lie on a ball and do crazy things with my body.  It will be fun, I'll feel good afterwards...but, I'll come up with a few excuses before I make myself go the gym.

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