Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weekly Weigh in.... is weigh in day today! I have to tell you, I was excited about it, I know that I've been really good with my points this week. I know that I haven't gotten a lot of activity in due to the blister on the bottom of my foot, but I did get out and move. I walked the dog a few times, I danced around the living room with my hubby. I moved this body of mine and it paid off!!!

I am down 2.2 pounds today.

I am HAPPY about that.

I am HAPPY that I am back on track.

I am HAPPY that it is Saturday!

I am happy with the progress that I have made with my life.

I am actually so happy with it that I'm ready to share my first before and after pictures with you. You see this journey for me actually started in 2004.

In December of 2003, my sister took my mother and I over to Victoria to celebrate my birthday. I had never been over to the Island before and this was my very first trip. When we got home, my sister sent me the pictures, and one particular picture was of my mom and I standing at the car in the ferry line up. For the first time in my life I realized I had a problem. At first glance I didn't realize that it was me. I didn't recognize myself. It was then that I realized how heavy I was and it terrified me. In January 2003 I joined my first gym ever and I joined weight watchers and started on my weight loss journey. There's been a lot of bumps in the road in the past few years. My car accident five years ago set me back huge. I was in physio for over a year, however, in June of 2009, I decided to get my crap together and get back on the weight loss journey.

So here it is....the picture that started my journey so many years ago.

And this is where I am now, this was taken at lunch time on day two of the Weekend to End Women's cancers in Vancouver, I was 48km's into the walk, and danged proud of myself.

Now some of you may be saying, but Katie you're still really heavy. I am, I readily admit I am still heavy, but I can't help to wonder how much heavier I would be if I hadn't done something then, if I hadn't taken charge of my life. Of my weight. Yes I am heavy. I still have somehwere around 90 pounds to lose. BUT, I'm here, I'm alive! I don't know if I could say the same for the Katie in the first picture.

I am HAPPY to be here!

Close Call

I had a close call yesterday, a very, very close call yesterday. It's brought back a whole bunch of really bad emotions for me and I'm doing my best to deal with it and not fall back onto food. The good thing is, we are all o.k. It brought back flashes from 5 years ago and I had a rough night sleeping last night. I know that everything is all right, but I still kept playing the "what if" game in my head during the night.

After dinner last night, we decided to go for a drive, so my husband, dog and I all piled into my car for a drive. We ended up stopping for Ice Cream at one of the local country dairy farms and we were driving back along the country road on our way home.

The road is a fairly straight road, and yes some people tend to speed on it, I saw the car coming, I could see it was speeding, and then I noticed that she was drifting onto my side of the road. She had her left turn blinker on, but she wasn't slowing down. I lay on my horn and swerved to avoid her, she saw us and straightened out but not before some damage was done.

She knocked off my drivers side mirror and we appear to have exchanged paint from the hood to the trunk.

I am very grateful that it wasn't a more serious accident. I'm not taking anything for granted and one of the first things my husband and I did today after work, was to go to our local pet store. Why there you ask? We got our dog a harness that hooks through the seat belt. Angus comes on our drives all the time, he loves nothing better than a Car Ride. I want him to be as safe as my husband and I are.

So please, if you have an animal that you take in your vehicle, go to your pet store and invest 30.00 in a harness that will not only ensure that the dog can't jump out a window, but it will also keep them safe and sound if they were to be involved in an accident.

Trust me, your cuddly critters will be thankful!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


You guys are awesome. I'm here and I'm getting myself back into my routine. This has actually been a really good week and I've been debating what to post and how to explain my absence. Today I received two comments and two e-mails from people asking me where I was. You guys are AWESOME, thank you for the push and getting me back to blogging.

The truth of the matter is....Katie fell off the wagon, fell on her head and lost all her senses!

The good part...the damage wasn't that bad. I gained two pounds, then lost one pound. So over all...not a bad fall off.

Now...however is climbing back into the wagon and getting back into the activity, to get my body moving again. I'm back on track with my eating. I'm tracking my food, I'm using my points sensibly. I'm doing good there.

Activity on the other hand. I still need a good swift kick in the pants to get me back up to full speed. BUT I'm almost there. You see we had some friends over on the weekend for dinner and then for the men to watch "THE GAME" in this house right now, it's any hockey play off game in any league that is on TV. So while the men headed down to the man cave to yell and scream at the TV and referee's who can't possibly hear them, us ladies sat upstairs talking.

It was a great conversation on what we've both learned about nutrition and exercise over the past several months. During the course of the conversation, it was mentioned that our friend's walking partner was injured and she has no one to walk with. I volunteered to walk with her so on Monday night, after work, before dinner, we headed over to their house where we proceeded to walk at a (for me) very fast past, up hills, down hills, UUUUUPPPPP a hill and then down a hill. A good forty five minute walk, my husband was sweating, I was a little breathless from the pace but we did good. Bad news...I had a pebble in my shoe and I now have a HUGE blister on the ball of my foot.

Did any of you see the English movie. RUN FAT BOY RUN? It was a fabulous movie and it was funny, but there's this one scene where the character gets a huge blister on the sole of his foot? Without a word of a lie, that is the size of this sucker on my foot!

This morning there was no way I could go walking with that blister, so my husband called and we cancelled the walk...well, wouldn't you know it, despite my best efforts to protect it, blister bandages, gauze and tape. The darned thing burst this afternoon. So...I didn't go over to their house to go for our walk, however I did get out and about and I took the dog for a quick walk around our block two times. Pretty good, it equals two km's.

So...long story short....
Eating Right- Check
Moving the body - Check
Back on Track - Check
Feeling good about it- Check Check and Check.

Until tomorrow everyone...have an awesome day!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Why oh why?

Do I do this to myself? I do it and I instantly regret it and then I do it again!!!!

Let me start at the beginning here....I went to weigh in today. I didn't lose, I didn't gain, I maintained this week. I'm very happy with that considering I didn't go to the gym at all this past week. Physically I just couldn't do it. I'm still fighting whatever this stomach thing is. According to my doctor(who I saw on Thursday) I had e-coli. We have no idea where I got it from, where I picked it up from. But there you had it.

You would think that after being nauseated several times a day, fighting to keep your food in your stomach by having to take slow deep breaths, now that I'm feeling better I would eat proper. I didn't have to fight not to throw up this morning, and the back door trotts seem to have ended so you would think I would eat properly! You would think so wouldn't you?

Not today. Today was not a good food day for me. I don't like admiting it, but that's all part of being accountable here. So here is my being accountable today for my food.

I didn't eat breakfast before weigh in. I never do, came home, saw the accountant to do our taxes up. Went to Buckerfields to get the 1/2 wine barrels for the garden they had on sale. Came home, putzed around and then decided to go up to Zellers to get some soil and peat moss to fill said barrel up. I get in the car and head out and what do I do? What do I do? I go to MCDONALDS!!!!! I was in the drive thru, ordering the sausage and egg mcmuffin and a hashbrown before I even realized what the heck I was doing. I ate it on the way to Zellers and threw the garbage out there. I can't believe I did it!

After realizing what I had done, you would think I would get control of myself and do good the rest of the day. Did I? Heck NO!!! In my little mind, I've screwed up majorly so why not keep at it? So after getting all the planting done for the day,I headed out to the grocery store this afternoon, finding myself hungry what did I do? I went to BURGER KING!!!! I HATE Burger King! I don't know what the heck I was I doing. I ordered the Junior whopper with cheese and an onion rings. Ate that in the car and threw the garbage out at the grocery store. No evidence I did it so no proof right?

What the heck!!! At this point, most reasonable people would get their crap together, give their head a shake and get over it. Did I? What do you think? OF COURSE NOT!!!! After dinner, around eight or so, my husband wanted to go for a treat so we go to Afterthoughts. A wonderful desert restaurant. I didn't really want anything, so why did I order something? What did I order you ask? I ordered their Mint Chocolate Chip Cake! Four layers of chocolate cake filled with mint cream icing between the layers finished off with extra whip cream!!!

I came home, I ate some of it, put it down, a half hour later, ate some more, put it down and now I've finished off the darned cake I didn't want and didn't need.

Why oh why do I do this to myself? I'm now sitting here, angry at myself, nauseated and bloated feeling like crap. ARRRGGGHHH!!!