Wednesday, April 21, 2010


You guys are awesome. I'm here and I'm getting myself back into my routine. This has actually been a really good week and I've been debating what to post and how to explain my absence. Today I received two comments and two e-mails from people asking me where I was. You guys are AWESOME, thank you for the push and getting me back to blogging.

The truth of the matter is....Katie fell off the wagon, fell on her head and lost all her senses!

The good part...the damage wasn't that bad. I gained two pounds, then lost one pound. So over all...not a bad fall off.

Now...however is climbing back into the wagon and getting back into the activity, to get my body moving again. I'm back on track with my eating. I'm tracking my food, I'm using my points sensibly. I'm doing good there.

Activity on the other hand. I still need a good swift kick in the pants to get me back up to full speed. BUT I'm almost there. You see we had some friends over on the weekend for dinner and then for the men to watch "THE GAME" in this house right now, it's any hockey play off game in any league that is on TV. So while the men headed down to the man cave to yell and scream at the TV and referee's who can't possibly hear them, us ladies sat upstairs talking.

It was a great conversation on what we've both learned about nutrition and exercise over the past several months. During the course of the conversation, it was mentioned that our friend's walking partner was injured and she has no one to walk with. I volunteered to walk with her so on Monday night, after work, before dinner, we headed over to their house where we proceeded to walk at a (for me) very fast past, up hills, down hills, UUUUUPPPPP a hill and then down a hill. A good forty five minute walk, my husband was sweating, I was a little breathless from the pace but we did good. Bad news...I had a pebble in my shoe and I now have a HUGE blister on the ball of my foot.

Did any of you see the English movie. RUN FAT BOY RUN? It was a fabulous movie and it was funny, but there's this one scene where the character gets a huge blister on the sole of his foot? Without a word of a lie, that is the size of this sucker on my foot!

This morning there was no way I could go walking with that blister, so my husband called and we cancelled the walk...well, wouldn't you know it, despite my best efforts to protect it, blister bandages, gauze and tape. The darned thing burst this afternoon. So...I didn't go over to their house to go for our walk, however I did get out and about and I took the dog for a quick walk around our block two times. Pretty good, it equals two km's.

So...long story short....
Eating Right- Check
Moving the body - Check
Back on Track - Check
Feeling good about it- Check Check and Check.

Until tomorrow everyone...have an awesome day!

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