Saturday, October 31, 2009


as defined by the Oxford Dictionary of Current English;1Tempting or being tempted; incitement wrong doing. 2.attractive thing or course of action. 3.archaic putting to the test.

I faced tempation today and I persevered!  I was faced with multiple temptations today but I held my own and go through each one!

I didn't give in to the free candy in the lunch room at work!  I didn't give in to the "fun" size chocolates that were screaming my name as I handed them out to all of  the kids who came to the door.  I didn't give in to the various "Snack" packs of chips that were being handed out either!

I faced tempation, and I won!!!

Yeah me!!!

Now to get through the next few days without ferreting out those little bitty chocolate bars and bags of chips that my husband so lovingly hid in order to help me out!  Tempation...I made it through it the day!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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