Friday, October 23, 2009

Week One

Alright, so technically for me it's now week two, but hey, give a girl a break, it's taken me a week to decide if I wanted to let the world in on what I'm doing. I'm talking of course about being back OP or on Plan . Plan, what plan? My weight control plan, also known as Weight Watchers. I re-joined last week after being frustrated and disgruntled trying to do it on my own. I was finding that I didn't have any accountability so did it really matter if I had that bag of chips or that chocolate bar, or cake or pie or...all right you get the idea!

I threw myself back into my plan and here I am, morning of week 2, thrilled to pieces and trying to decide what to do next. My first week weigh in was fabulous. I lost 9 pounds. YES 9 pounds! How is that for being back on plan? I did discover last week, that I need to do a lot of planning to make this work. Planning my meals, cooking meals, planning to go to the gym, when to go to the gym. It all has to be planned out.

The biggest part for me is planning meals. You see, I'm passionate about cooking. I love cooking. I mean, I really LOVE cooking! I love the process of cooking, the gathering of the ingredients, the washing, the chopping, the sizzling, the smells, the textures. Most of all, I love knowing that something I made tastes good. I also LOVE baking. There is nothing better than eating bread you've made yourself. I mean, right from scratch, you've measured the water and sugar and yeast, you mix the flour with your hands, you knead the bread until you think you can't knead anymore, you watch it rise, you punch it down, you knead some more and then an hour later you pop it in the oven. There is nothing better than opening the oven door and hearing the crackle of the crust as it hardens in the oven, the hollow sound as you tap the top to see if it is ready and our course the wonderful aroma of baking bread. The steam pouring out as you cut the first slice.. it any wonder there's a skinny girl in here somewhere fighting to get out?

I digress...back to meal planning. You see I have a wonderful husband who is very supportive in every way, and I want to make this exciting for him as well. I'm trying different recipes, different foods and combinations to see what works best. Last week I made Chili in the crock pot for us. I think it turned out all right, it wasn't too spicy, it was fairly low in points and it was pretty easy to make. All in all I think it was a success. The challenge is finding low point recipes and making them taste good for both of us.

Today is meal planning day. I'm off work today so I will try to plan out our meals for the coming week and then go grocery shopping to get everything in the house so there is no excuse for not eating healthy.

So...week we come!

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