Tuesday, October 27, 2009


according to Oxford's Dictionary of Current English; 1a) a making or becoming different b)alteration or modification.

I started on this weight loss journey because I wanted to change. That was it. I didn't know what I wanted to change but I knew I had to change "Something" so that I could be different than what I was.

Change...it seems like such a simple word but it is actually quite hard to do. To change yourself, to change your body, to change your habits, to change your lifestyle. All of these things are very easy to say...they are actually very difficult to do. Think about it for just a moment. What if you had to "Change" one thing in your life and by doing that it meant that you could no longer have/eat/drink/enjoy XYZ. Do you really think you could change that one thing? Do you think it would be easy for you to do?

This is what I'm struggling with today. How do I permanently change the things that have made me the way that I am? How do I go about making that change? How do I succeed in making that change?

Change....a six letter word that is one of the hardest things to do in the world.

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