Sunday, October 25, 2009


according to the Oxford Dictionary, current English edition, Energy 1.capacity for activity, force, vigour. 2. Capacity of matter or radiation to do work.

Energy...I wish I had a lot more of it. Today has been one of those lazy days. We slept in this morning, which is pretty unusual in itself. I had a lazy morning, doing not a whole lot of anything. My afternoon has been again, a lazy afternoon. Spent most of it watching tv.

Energy...I have a dog with lots of it. Bless his heart when he gets going, he really gets going. I was feeling bad for being a lazy bump on a log today so I bundled up against the cold and drizzle and out we headed for our walk.

Energy....what I lack, the dog more than makes up for. He pulled me along into the park, running side to side as we went sniffing away. I know by the way he kept looking over his shoulder at me he was saying, 'come on mom move it! Puppy dog wants to run!'

Energy...what I'm going to have to find when I head to the gym this evening to work out. Today is cardio day. 45minutes on the Elliptical and 15 minutes on the torture device also known as the Stairmaster.

Energy...I could sure use some today.

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