Wednesday, October 28, 2009


as defined by Oxford Current English Dictionary; control by deliberate purpose over impulse.

Willpower...I excercised some today! YEAH ME!!!

I had the day off of work today but had to go in for a little while as there was a sales rep coming in to see me and my staff. While I was there, another Sales rep arrived, candy bag in tow. I do mean Bag...She had this Big, huge bag filled with candy. The good kind of candy, the Crispy Crunch, Oh Henry, Coffee Crisp kind of candy. The kind of goody that I would normally take a couple and say thank you very much for the treat kind of candy.

Did I do it...NO! I said no! How about that?!?!? Not only did I say no once, I said it twice! Yep!
I said no to free chocolate, to free candy, to CHOCOLATE!!!!!

I excercised my willpower and I felt good about it. I didn't cave, I didn't give in. I stood my ground and made mysel say no.

I'm feeling pretty darned good about that! I had some!

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