Friday, October 30, 2009

I skipped a day...

I know, I skipped yesterday.  I was feeling disappointed with myself.  You see, I went to my weekly Weigh In and meeting.  I was hopeful that the two hours I did in the Gym Wednesday would pay off and I would have another substantial loss.  I know...I had a MASSIVE loss in  my first week back on program so I shouldn't have had my hopes up to high, but I did.  I was hoping to see a two or a three.  I knew right away it wasn't good when the person filling in my book didn't use her calculator to do any adding or subracting. In fact she didn't even ask how my week had been.  Just gave me one of those looks that said please don't freak out when you see this.  I peeked at the numbers upside down and did a double take, blinked and looked again. I stayed the same!!! THE SAME!!!! I did an awesome work out on Wednesday night. I spent almost two full hours in the gym and I stayed the same!!!!  I was not in a good frame of mind.  I tried to not let it bother me while I was at my meeting.  I didn't let it bother me on my drive home.  I didn't let it bother me while I had my dinner.  When did I let it bother me?  When I made popcorn, melted butter, poured it over the top and added some white cheese popcorn seasoning to the bowl.    I was mad.  Then what happened.  I got madder still!  Man I hate that.  I get mad at myself for getting mad and then I go and do something like that.  It really wasn't all that bad.  I tracked it!  I put my points down!  I was still good, within my daily points. 

Today was a great day.  Stayed on track and made all the right choices.  So here is to today...and a great tomorrow!

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