Tuesday, November 10, 2009


as defined by the Oxford dictionary of Current English.
1. of or epressing emotions. 2 especially liable to emotion.  3 arousing emotion.

I have been emotional today.  Actually that's an understatement!  I HAVE BEEN EXTREMELY EMOTIONAL today.  That's better.  Let us be honest. I've been a raging hormonal emotional basketcase for most of the day.  Started crying this morning for no real good reason, this gave me a headache which made me miserable.  HOWEVER...I did succeed.  I did not give in as I once (in the not so distant past) would have done.  I didn't cry into a Venti- Extra Hot- Peppermint- White Chocolate Mocha with extra whip.  No, I did not.  Instead, I opted for a Tall Earl Grey tea, with a splenda in it.  I did not reach for chocolate or chips, or a hamburger or french fries or any of the other bad foods I would have chosen.  Instead, I made myself a good, well balanced lunch, Salad, cottage cheese, fruit cup, pear, and WW cheese twists.  I ate my lunch slowly through the day, one item at a time over the course of a couple of hours.  

When I got home from work I made a nice healthy dinner for my husband and I, then I met my brother for coffee, where I once again, forfeited my once upon a time Ambrosia for my soul White Chocolate Mocha, for a tall Earl Grey tea with a splenda.  Then...then, I the queen of excuses, the person who had a rough day, didn't want to do it but had to go anyway...I went to the gym at 8pm.  I did, I went to the gym and I got on the Elliptical and I went and I went and I went, all the while watching The Biggest Loser while I worked out.  For 55 minutes I worked my fanny off, and then I headed home, and instead of popping my usual bag of popcorn for a snack, I drank some more water, and had some fruit.  I did  great.

Emotional eating used to get the best of me.  Upset, heck yes, I'll take that quarter pounder with cheese, super size my fries and a diet coke, or that Large bag of Doritos, plus the Fruit and nut chocolate bar.

Today I got the upper hand on Emotional eating and didn't give in to it's lure.  I did it.  I conquered, and although emotional...I didn't eat that way.  I feel good!

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