Saturday, November 28, 2009


as defined by the Oxford Dictionary of Current English. to fulfil the desire or expectation of, 2. frustrate. adj. disappointed.

I am disappointed. I really and truly am. I went to my weigh in this morning and here's the thing. If I was on the "Biggest Loser", I would have stayed the same, but because I'm on Weight Watchers, and we measure pounds and ounces, I gained 6 ounces.

Now, to be fair, I know, its only six ounces, it could have been water retention, it could have been this, it could have been that. The plain spoken truth is I, yes I made poor choices.

Therefore I am disappointed in myself. I have no one else to blame. There wasn't any one making me order what I ordered at Restaurants this week. It wasn't like there was a gym guru telling me I wasn't allowed in the gym on Tuesday and Wednesday. I made those choices.

Turned out they were bad choices. BUT...I have changed! The old Katie would have used the slight gain today as a reason to splurge. See I can work so hard and not lose anything...blah...blah...blah. The NEW Katie, or I should say the IMPROVED Katie, has said, all right then, you got lax, you didn't follow program and you got what you deserved. NOW get off your duff, get with the program and smarten up.

Thus I have. I have eaten really well today, I went to the gym, albeit for only 40 minutes, but, I did go. I may go again this evening. I'm toying with the idea, we'll have to wait and see how the evening progresses.

So yes, I'm disappointed in myself for not sticking to program and making poor choices. But I'm not disappointed in how I'm handling the slight gain, this weeks gain, means a bigger loss next week. I will persevere.

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