Monday, November 23, 2009

The Battle Rages on....

I'm not talking about my battle with weight loss. Today I'm talking about my other passion. My drive to help find a cure for cancer. Those who know me personally know how strongly I feel about this horrid, horrid disease. There is too much of it and I know two beautiful wonderful ladies who are currently in the fight for their lives. They aren't the first I've known, but they are the ones that I'm trying to help now.

You see a few years ago, I didn't think that much about Cancer, nor it's effects. It was something that was removed from me and mine and that was fine. All that changed almost two years ago when a dear friend lost her mother to Cancer. It was the fourth time that year that someone I knew had lost a loved one and that was when I decided that I had to do something. I had to help, no matter what it was, I HAD to help! That was when I got involved in the Weekend to End Breast cancer. To read about that experience go to There you will find my blog as I worked and trained in preparation for the 60km 2 day walk to end Breast Cancer.

Fast forward 18 months and through the magic of the Internet I met up with one of my old high school friends, I was excited to catch up with her and in turn devastated to know that she had been fighting cancer for the past several years. Her form of cancer is incurable. She takes weekly Chemo treatments to keep the cancer in check, without them she would only have a matter of months to live. Despite that, she is one of the greatest people to be around. She's always happy, cheerful and has nothing but good things to say. I love spending time with her and that's why this year I'm forming a team for the Relay for Life. It's a relay where you and your team walk through the night to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. Our team here in Abbotsford is called Barb's Buccaneer's. Barb is the dear friend who introduced me last year to Relay. It was too late then for me to get a team together and get fundraising done. But this year the call is going out. We need ten team members for the relay Barb is going to be walking with us through the night. I would love to have a great big huge team. So please, think about it. If you're in the Abbotsford BC area, go to select join a team, and look for Barb's Buccaneer's. We would love to have you!!! As an added bonus, right now, you can register for the Relay for only 10.00!!!! That's less than half the usually registration fee. That's just two coffee's at Starbucks! Think about it, join us, or join a Relay for Life team in your area. You'll feel better doing it!!

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  1. You are such a sweet, amazing person, Katie. You inspire me to be a better person. Thank you SO much for your friendship. I am SO excited about Relay next year! Thank you for putting a team together :)