Sunday, November 15, 2009

Setting Goals

Have you ever sat down with a notepad and pen and thought,'I need to set some goals.'? I am a goal setter. I readily admit it. I set a goal, I envision what I have to do to reach that goal, I work out my plan and start working towards it. This doesn't mean that I always reach my goals mind you. Sometimes I realize they aren't viable for me at that particular point in time, or they don't make sense or they are just all together are unrealistic.

However...when someone tries to tell me I can't do something, that I can't reach my goals, that it isn't attainable, well they don't know what they are talking about. Take for example the first year I did the Weekend to End Breast Cancer. It is a 60km walk through the streets of Vancouver. I signed up for the walk in January of 2008, shortly after learning that one of my best friends mom had been diagnosed with Cancer yet again and had only weeks to live. I decided then and there, at that moment that I had to do something about cancer, not just Breast Cancer, but all Cancers. In the middle of the night, too upset for my friend to sleep I saw the commercial for the Weekend to End Breast cancer, I came through to the computer and immediately signed up for it.

When my husband got up the next morning, I told him what I was doing and he gave me his total support, whatever I needed him to do to help me he would do. It was great, but there were others who told me I COULDN'T do it. I was too heavy, I was too out of shape, I would hurt my knee's, my ankles, on and on the list went. Every time one of those people told me I couldn't do it, I trained harder, walked further to build up my endurance and I DID IT!! I did it not just in 2008, but I did it this year as well, and I've already signed up for next year. I put my training plan in place, I trained for it and I succeeded.

I've come to realize that my weight loss is just like that. I want to lose weight. Great, but HOW am I going to do it? I didn't have a plan, I had a goal, Yes, I want to lose a hundred pounds. A huge amount when I think of it like that but that's what I HAVE to do. So how am I going to do it? Now that I've set my goal, I have to set out my plan, and I have to have mini goals along the way. I started out having a rough day today, I woke up hungry and craving chocolate, the craving bugged me all morning and into the afternoon. I finally satisfied the craving, not the way I once would have by going to the store and buying two or three chocolate bars and eating them. I went for coffee with my husband, we bought an oat fudge bar and split it between us. I knew going in what I was going to do, I had a plan, and that kept me on goal for today. Today's goal was to stay within my regular points allowance, I didn't want to go over and have to use some AP's or Flex points. I wanted to stay on plan, that was the goal for today.

The goal for tomorrow, is the same, stay on plan and go to the gym, spend an hour exercising.

The goal for next week, to lose two pounds at weigh in.

The goal for next month, to reach my 5% of me lost goal.

The goal for January, to start training for my walk, and my run. Yes my run, I've set a goal for myself. I'm going to actually RUN the CIBC Run for the cure next year. All 5km's of it. This year I walked it with some very special ladies. Next year, I want to run it.

For me, it's all about setting goals, and planning for achieving those goals. One day at a time will soon add up to a month at a time. It's not that hard when you break it down that way. At least I'm hoping it won't be as hard.

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