Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On the Road again...

..well not literally, but I was back at the gym today. My husband and I headed up after dinner to put in a cardio work out. 45minutes on the Elliptical today for a total of 3.4 miles. YAHOO!

I get so excited when I see the mileage creeping up on the machines that I'm on. It give me such a sense of accomplishment. I guess it's because when I take the dog for a walk, it's not just full steam ahead. I have to go his pace, let him do his doggy business, say hi to the other dogs, sniff around etc, that a 1km walk will take 15 minutes or so.

Today I did pretty good. I went knowing that I was just going to be doing cardio today, my hands are still too sore to be of much use so doing weights today was out. I'm hoping that my medication will have kicked back in by tomorrow and I'll be able to do weights and my version of a 'Last Chance Workout' on friday before Saturday mornings' weigh in.

I feel good having gone to the gym, I also have points left over for the day as well, so instead of popping popcorn once again, I stopped by starbucks on my way home and used my points there on a tall 1/4 sweet, non fat, no whip, peppermint white chocolate mocha. It was very yummy and used up 5 points.

I won't be going to the gym tomorrow as I'm doing a girls night with my sister, my mom and some mutual friends, we're going for dinner and then to see a theatre production of Pride and Prejudice. I'm quite excited about it and I already have my day and my meals planned out for tomorrow. It's going to be a great day!

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