Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fifteen things to do when I've lost the weight!

I was having a bad day on Sunday, I was working alone, it was quiet and I was bored.  On my lunch break I posted on the WW message board that I was bored and therefore wanted to munch.  One of the ladies posted back and told me to make a list of ways my life will be better for losing the weight.  Well I made that list and then I made another, and then another and then finally this one.  A list of 15 things that I don't do now because I feel that my weight is holding me back from doing them.

 Things I'l be able to do when I've lost enough weight.
1. Take the dog for a Run.
2. Wear a bathing Suit.
3. Shop in regular clothing stores.
4. Wear a shorter skirt.
5. Go on Amusement Park Rides
6. Go Horseback riding
7. Go Kayaking
8. Sit cross legged
9. Walk up the escalator at work without getting winded..
10. Run the CIBC Run for the Cure instead of walking it.

So here is my challenge.  Make your own list of things to do and mark them off, one by one as you accomplish them so that you can see how well you're doing.

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