Sunday, November 22, 2009

Successful Day!

Yes, I had a successful day yesterday. Started out with a great weigh in, got all the chores done and then it was "Girl" time. I went to the Christmas Craft Fair with two friends, we walked around the exhibits twice, bought some things, we had a lot of fun. I was very proud of myself for what I didn't buy. I didn't purchase the Fudge, the Jams, the Jellies, the Candies, the Chocolates. None of it. I didn't even sample any of it at all! I was so pleased, in the past I probably would have purchased and sampled my way around and this time I didn't. YEAH! I was very happy with that. Then it was back to our house for dinner. When we got back to the house we were all straving, dinner would be a while as I had to soak the basmati rice. Instead of going for chips etc. I cut up veggies for us and we had a great veggie platter to eat as an appetizer. Dinner was Fajita's with spanish rice, followed by Jello Nonfat Butterscotch pudding. This was followed a while later with some popcorn for watching during the movie.

I had been worried that the day would be a bit of a challege ,but I made it through with flying colors. I had acocunted for my points yesterday morning, carefully planning what I would have and how many points I could use for each meal. I was worried that I would overindulge and go over my points, but I did really well. I even counted the couple of nibbles of cheese I had while I was shredding the cheese up for the fajitas.

It was a sucessful day, and now I know, that I can have my girls nights without having to worry so much about losing control. Now I just have to plan the next one!

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