Friday, November 6, 2009

The number 5.

The number five has come to  mean alot to me today. 

Yesterday was November 5th and it was Weigh in day.  I went to my weigh in at 530 and this week I lost 1.4 pounds giving me a three week total of 10 pounds lost.

Today I went shopping for a couple of clothing items.  I normally hate clothes shopping as I always get upset by the clothes sizes and I get mad at myself for needing the largest size in the large ladies store.  Today I bought 5 items.  And I'm very, very excited about those five items.  You see, the last time I bought myself some shirts, I had to buy the 5X.   Wow, even typing that was hard, I WAS a 5X, sometimes it was a 6X, if they didn't have any 5's, I'd buy the 6 as a 4 was too small.  I've been working out since December, losing weight slowly but surely, so I decided I would be brave and try out the 4's.  I figured I'd lost some so why not tempt fate and try for the smaller size.  I found a couple of really cute tops for work and carried them back to the change room.

This is when I had my epiphany.  My clothes, and I mean ALL of my clothes...are way to big on me now...hehe.

You see I put on the first size 4X, and it was too big, Pulled it off and checked the tag, yes, it was indeed a 4x.  I put on the next top, it was also too big.  The sales clerk went to get me the 3x, to try that on, and that was too big!  I was really excited and a little apprehensive, was the 2 going to fit, would it be too tight...I waited in anticipation as the sales clerk came back and handed me my shirts over the door.  These were the coveted 2's.  Something that I don't remember ever wearing as an adult, I honestly don't.  But here we go, I pulled the 2 on over my head, put my arms in, turned around, looked in the mirror, and promptly burst into tears.

The sales clerk heard me, and asked concerned if I was all right.  I called through to her that I was, I was just having a moment and could she please do me one more favour.  She said of course,  and I asked her to please get me the 1X.  The 2X was too big!  In tears, I plopped down on the change room chair, grabbed my cell phone and promptly made two phone calls.  The first to my husband.  I'm in a 1 I yelled.  He was exicted for me, thrilled for me even!  Then I called my mom....sometimes a girl just needs to talk to her mom.  My mom was thrilled for me as well, as was the sales clerk who had come back with the precious size 1X in her hands.  She then looked at the new gym pants I had yet to try on and hurried off, she was back in a flash as I was staring at myself once again in the mirror, wearing the amazing 1X shirt.  She had brought back three different sizes of the pants, guessing correctly that I had no idea what size pant I wear now either.  Two sizes down in pants this shopping trip as well. 

I'm feeling great, and riding a high on my clothing expedition when I decide to head to the gym.  I plug in my headphones, jump on the elliptical and work hard, and I do mean hard, I'm huffing and puffing, sweating and steaming along.  When my time was up, an hour had passed and I had gone 5.12 miles. Yes indeed, 5.12 miles, for some people that may not be much, but for me, with these little legs, 5.12 miles is thrilling.

I'm thinking I need to get myself a lottery ticket tomorrow and make sure that there are a lot of 5's in there!

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