Sunday, November 8, 2009

I feel good!

na na na na na na na.  I knew that I would....all right I'm no godfather of soul, but I feel good!  Actually, I feel great!!!!

I had a great weekend off from work.  I had an epiphany on friday when I got to buy much smaller clothes! (Yes, I am still doing the happy dance about that.)  Last night I hosted a dinner party with three guests, I made a fabulous meal, everyone went home satisfied and happy.  I was even asked for the recipe for my home made Ceasar dressing and for my pasta!  I stayed within my points, I actually had points left over!  How about that!

I had a great day today hanging out with my husband, we didn't do much, but we did go and get some books!  YEAH!  I love books, that's another subject for another day though.  I took my mom grocery shopping.  I made 2 new recipes from my newest cookbook purchase (The Best of Chef at Home!  I highly recommend it).   After dinner I was tired, and almost...almost...almost...didn't go to the gym. 

However, the queen of excuses, had no excuse today so off to the gym I went, and I had another fabulous work out and another epiphany!  Actually it was more like two of them!

The first one, as I'm on the elliptical,  my heart rate monitor kept beeping at me, I looked at it wondering what was wrong and it had my heart rate still quite low after about five minutes, so I bumped up the resistance to the next level, waited a few minutes and it was still beeping at me.  I had to bump the Elliptical up to level 5 to get my heart rate into the zone!  WAHOO!!!  For those of you who don't know why I'm so excited about this, it's because I'm healthier and I have to work harder!  YEAH!!! 

The next epiphany came when I was working with my weights and I realized, I can't watch my form properly.  Why you ask?  Because my shirt is literally hanging on me!  It's too big!  When I was doing my wall push up's I glanced in the mirror to make sure that my butt was in the proper position and my shirt looked like a dress.  It was billowing out in front of me when I went up and when I went down! 

I'm literally shrinking right before my eyes....How about that, that is just one more reason to feel good!

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