Sunday, November 29, 2009


as defined by the Oxford Dictionary of Current English.
1. responsible; required to account for one's conduct. 2. explicable, understandable.

I had a few rough days last week, I made some poor choices that were reflected in my weigh in yesterday. It's time that I knock off my whining and get on with it. On reflection, I started this blog so that I would be accountable for my weight loss, the good days and the bad days. I've also decided that I need to be accountable for my exercise.

I took days off at the gym last week, not a big deal, I got right back on track and worked out. BUT did I work out as hard as I should have? I know that when I went to the gym yesterday I was feeling out of sorts. I was annoyed with myself and to be perfectly honest I wasn't in the mood or the right frame of mind to work out but I "Made" myself go to the gym. I put in a really half-hearted effort. I know I did. I wasn't sweating, I wasn't huffing and puffing, I was on the stair climber going through the motions but I wasn't "Working" at it. This was also reflected in my heart rate. Every time I looked at my hear rate monitor I was at 115-125, which is indeed perfectly acceptable, it's in the target heart range, but when you're used to seeing your average heart rate in the high 130's, to have an average heart rate of 118, means I wasn't really working at it.

I need to be accountable for my work outs, so, I'm going to start tracking them on here for the whole world to see. This was, you can see how hard I was working, really see how hard I was working.

So, let's start. It's 10:02 am, and I've taken the dog for his morning walk, we walked a little over 2.3 km's. I did do a little bit of jogging, I would jog from one lamp post to the next, walk for two lamp posts and repeat. UNTIL we started going up the hill. I'm glad to say that I'm not huffing and puffing to get up the hill like I was six months ago. I didn't have to stop to catch my breath, I just walked at a quick pace with the dog.

So, today's activity accountability chart, looks like this:

Date 29-Nov
Activity Dog Walk
Duration 28min 33 sec
Time in Zone 23min 15 sec
Avg Heart Rate 129
Max Heart Rate 150
Calories 157

I'll be back to add more later. I'll be going to the gym while my husband watches the Grey cup. Until then...have a great day!

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