Friday, November 27, 2009


as defined by the Oxford Dictionary of Current English:
1.Deliberate damage to productive capacity, exp as a political act. 2, destroy, spoil.

I have weigh in tomorrow morning, I've had four really good weeks of losses, I was feeling confidant. Now, I think I may have sabotaged myself. I purposely didn't go to the gym on Tuesday night. I was tired and I decided I could pass on Tuesday, I had gone to the gym every day for a week prior to that. Everyone needs a rest day now and then. However, on Wednesday, I had a hard day at work, wasn't in the mood to cook so suggested to dear Husband that we go out for dinner. We did, we went to Milestones, which I thought would be a good choice. I chose the Mediterranean Chicken. It's a chicken breast served with Goat's cheese and vegetables. Not bad sounding. I got my meal and the chicken was smothered, and I mean SMOTHERED with cheese. I scraped the majority of it off, and ate my chicken breast and veggies, which were chickpeas and I believe it was bok choy. However there was a vinaigrette type sauce on it. Turns out...not such a good choice 680 Calories, 31!!! Grams of fat, and 6 grams of fibre. Now I took off about 15 of those fat grams as I scraped off the cheese and didn't eat it but still! HOLY COW!!! Needless to say, after our late dinner I didn't go to the gym.

Thursday dawned and I went to the gym, great choice, worked out hard for 90 minutes, Elliptical on Hill Plus level 7 for an hour, 30minutes on the stair climber. Thursday I was doing great, eating right, feeling good. Thursday night comes along, I'm bored, I'm home alone. So what do I do? I pop a bag of smart pop popcorn. Not a bad choice, we're still doing all right, until I melted butter and poured it over top. Yep, stop me now right!?!

Friday....I go to get my hair permed, a friend of mine works in a salon in Burnaby, we go for lunch at Red Robin. I look through the menu, I discard the burgers, the wraps and the Clucks and greens. Instead, I again think I make a right choice by selecting their grilled Ciabatta Chicken Sandwich with a side salad, very light pesto, no mayo. Get home this afternoon, look up the points. Yep...not a good choice for me here either. 876 Calories, 54!!!!!!! Grams of fat, and 4 Grams of Fibre. Now, keeping in mind that I took some things off...this was still a BAD choice.

I did go to the gym tonight, worked hard for 45 minutes on the elliptical, 30 minutes of weight training and 15 minutes on the stair climber.

Still I worry about tomorrow and how it is that when I'm doing well, I do end up sabotaging myself.

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