Monday, November 30, 2009

Activity Accountability

Well, it's day two of my activit accountability and I'm doing pretty good I think. Here's the grid for last night at the gym and today's activities.

Date Nov 29th
Activity Gym E&SC
Duration 45min 35 sec
Time in Zone 43min 35sec
Avg Heart Rate 133bpm
Max Heart Rate 151bpm
Calories 267 cal

Date Nov 30th
Activity Gym SC&SB
Duration 57min 58 sec
Time in Zone 46min 45 sec
Avg Heart Rate 124bpm
Max Heart Rate 154bpm
Calories 286 cal

Date Nov 30th
Activity Dog Walk/Jog
Duration 25min 10sec
Time in Zone 13min 37 sec
Avg Heart Rate 122 bpm
Max Heart Rate 207 bpm
Calories 146 cal

Not a bad total for excercise in two days. I'll be doing a weekly accountability chart every Saturday night, showing my weekly progress.

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