Saturday, January 16, 2010

Super Saturday!

As it is Saturday today, it was weigh in day....however, I missed yesterday's blog entry so here's a brief recap.

I took the day off of work, I called it my own mental health break day. I have a lot of time accumulated and I just needed an extra day off to sort some things out for myself. I started my day off by going to the gym where I proceeded to do my last chance work out. I did 40 minutes on the Stair Climber Interval program level 7 & 9. I feel really good about that. Next came my weights. I did them and I did them, and I have to say....I ROCKED THEM!! I did my ball press ups, I did my step ups, I did my crunches and my pull downs, I did my ball chest presses, I did my hammer curls, I did my triceps pull down 21's. I did my bosu squats with 10 pound bicep curls, I did my plank. I did it all and I rocked it! You know you've worked hard when your shirt is sticking to your back because of all of the sweat. The back of my shirt was soaked! Absolutely soaked. It was actually pretty gross, but I'm proud of that. Later in the day, just for the heck of it I took the dog on a long walk, 3kms in under a half hour. I rocked that walk too!

My work outs this week did pay off. I went to weigh in this morning and I was down 2.4 pounds. I am only 1.5 pounds away from being into the 280's. I don't when I last weighed that little. It's working pretty good and I'm happy with it.

I had my mind set to go to the gym tonight and do a super cardio set. However I ended up passing. I had to go the lab for some blood work this morning and the lab technician, went through my vein. I actually have two puncture marks in my arm and it hurts like a son of a BBEEEEPPP!!! I have this wonderful nasty bruise that circles my elbow and is slowly creeping up my arm. To top it all of, I've had the killer headache from he!! all day and I just couldn't do it tonight. That does not mean that I didn't get any activity in though. I did our grocery shopping, which means I did 12 flights of stairs up and down to get all the groceries up, and then I took the dog for a 5km walk. We did really good on the walk, we did the full five km's in just under 45 minutes. I think that's the fastest we've done this particular route. So, although I didn't get to the gym today, I still do have activity to log in my activity accountability log here:

Date 15-Jan
Activity Cardio/weights
Duration 1hr 32min 04sec
Time in Zone 1hr:25min47sec
Avg Heart Rate 134
Max Heart Rate 160
Calories 1236


Date Jan 16th
Activity 5km dog walk
Duration 44min 05sec
Time in Zone 35min 58sec
Avg Heart Rate 129
Max Heart Rate 152
Calories 554

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  1. Wow, all that activity is so impressive and also very inspiring.

    Congrats on a fantastic weigh in as well, glad to see all your hard work paid off :)