Thursday, January 14, 2010


I don't know what it is this week, but I am HUNGRY!!! Seriously hungry. I'm proud of myself as I haven't gone for the junk. I'm keeping to my points, and I'm exercising like a crazy person. BUT I'M STARVING!!!

I've ended up going to eating every two hours, a 2 pt snack, some carrot sticks with some non fat salad dressing, a 1pt WW bar, a banana etc. But I tell ya. I'm hungry and it's bugging me.

Part of me is hoping that this is my body finally saying all right, we need to burn some of this fat on the old body here lady so lets get some good stuff down her to burn the fat up.

I have to laugh though, it's not in my head, my stomach is audibly growling at times. Even as I sit here typing this I can hear my stomach growl. I was working with a client today and they heard my stomach growl. I don't know what it is. I'm going to have to ask my leader on Saturday morning what could be causing it, maybe I'm not eating enough protein or something. I'll have to figure it out and let you all know.

Today is Thursday, and that means it's my night alone. Thursday is the night my husband goes off to his weekly Toastmasters Meeting. I used to pop a bag of popcorn cuddle up on the couch with the cat on one side of me and the dog on the other and watch tv. The past two weeks though, I've had a different routine. I leave the house the same time as my husband and I head to the gym where I get in a good hour's worth of cardio. Tonight was no different. It was pretty busy at the gym when I first got there, as my favorite Elliptical was in use I climbed onto the stair climber, also known as my nemesis.

I have never been able to do more than 30-35 minutes on this thing. Usually it's because my feet start to go numb and get pins and needles in them, but tonight after 20 minutes of going strong on it I decided tonight would be the night I would beat the 35 minute mark. So at 25minutes I selected a new workout time, 40 minutes, at 36minutes, still able to feel my toes, I changed the time to 45 minutes, at 40 minutes, I changed it to 50 minutes, at 45 minutes, I reset it for 60minutes! I did it! I did sixty minutes! Well technically I did 65 minutes with the cool down time on it as well. I did it. I really, really did it! I was very proud of myself as at the end of the program it tells you how many calories per minute, your average and maximum heart rate and best of all your distance. I did 4.75miles on a stair climber. I'm pretty impressed with that.

I think, I really do think, I just may have to do it all over again tomorrow as part of my last chance work out.

Today's Activity Accountability chart is here:

Date Jan 14th
Activity Stair Climber
Duration hr 14min 10sec
Time in Zone 1hr 12min 55 sec
Avg Heart Rate 137
Max Heart Rate 150
Calories 1018

Happy Thursday night everyone! I hope you have a great Friday!

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