Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm Loving Dancing!

Who knew that I would love my dancing class as much as I do. I tell you, I am having so much fun with the Belly Dancing class. Yes, I'm the biggest (read heaviest) person there. When we had to get down on the floor today I was a little worried but I did great! I had so much fun! I can know do Piston Hips, the three dimensional figure eight, the Egyptian Shimmy, the reverse three dimensional figure eight and hip lifts, front side, back and neutral positions! I tell ya, it is a great work out. I will agree, it does NOT get my heart rate elevated into the zone, but it does get it up a little bit, and I still burn calories!

I'm feeling so good today, I made some excellent choices and I'm proud of myself. I didn't take a lunch to work with me today as I knew that I had to drive about 50km's to attend some training. I knew that with how busy we are at work this week, that I wouldn't get the chance to eat before I left, and that I couldn't very well eat a salad in the car on the way there. So when I left the office, I was hungry, it was just after 1pm and I had to figure out what to do. As I'm driving up the road heading for the freeway, I see KFC! It's been soooo long since I had KFC, but I drove right on by it...next came Taco Del Mar...I don't remember the last time I had one of their big beef burritos. They are soooo good...compact, easy to eat on the go... but I drove right on by. Next up was Wendy's, now I've already decided I'm not having salad so there's no point going in there, they don't really have anything else that I would want to have. Then I came to Tim Horton's, in I go, a ham and cheese sandwich, without the cheese, no sauce, no butter, on whole wheat please. I made such an awesome choice! Only six points! I did good! I really really did! Then when I got to my training, what do I see, but a coffee and tea table set up with Cookies, Brownies and Cheesecake, my three favorite things. So what does Katie do?!?!

I go and sit in my seat, facing forward and start sorting through the training material! I did it! I didn't give in to temptation! I was so pround of myself. I came home, had dinner and headed out to my Belly Dancing Class.

It was a great day. Monday was great as well. I took lunch with me, I ate healthy all day, I drank my five bottles of water at work and I went to the gym. My husband and I headed up at 645, he wanted to do the Night Ride class which started at 730 and ran for an hour. We only took one car so I did a full 90 minutes of cardio! I, yes I spent 90 minutes on the stair climber!!!! I feel so good about that accomplishment I could scream it from the roof tops. Did I stop, of course, I had to refill my water bottle, I had to stop to stretch my legs, but I did it! I feel so proud of myself. Not only did I spend a great amount of time on the Stair Climber, but I also increased my intensity on it as well. I moved myself up to Interval level 9 & 11.

It was a great work out! I had fun tonight at Dance class, but I'll be honest I can't wait to hit the gym tomorrow night, Cardio and weights (Depending on how my arm is feeling, it's still really bothering me from Saturday's blood test).

Here is my Activity Accountability chart for Monday and Tuesday.

Date Jan 18th
Activity Cardio Stairclimber
Duration 1hr, 29 min, 33sec
Time in Zone 1hr 23min 01sec
Avg Heart Rate 129
Max Heart Rate 146
Calories 1118

Date 19-Jan
Activity Belly Dancing
Duration 58min 58sec
Time in Zone 0
Avg Heart Rate 118
Max Heart Rate 124
Calories 361

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