Sunday, January 24, 2010

How do YOU measure success?

It's a question that I haven't really though of until today. I have had a very SUCCESSFUL weekend thus far. I went to weigh in yesterday on my way to work and I had a very succesful weigh in. I was down 4.8 pounds! I hit the 25pounds lost in 13weeks right on the nose!! I felt fabulous about that. I had been worried about weigh in and almost didn't go but I am so glad that I did. Success is seeing those numbers come down on the scale. It feels great. It also marked another success for me. I am now back to my pre-accident weight.

Yes, pre accident, Five years ago, a kid was racing a friend down the street and blew a red light. He t-boned my car, totalled my car, forever wrecking my back. I tore my L joint, it connects your lower back to your hip. I am NOW a walking human barometer. I can tell you when the weather is going to change, I can tell you when it's going to rain or be humid. But I'm back! Yes I got sidetracked. When you go from being totally active to struggling to walk a half a block without bursting into tears you feel sorry for your self and I didn't help myself any either. But I'm back! I'm better than I ever thought I would be. I've learned when and how to take medicines to help me along.

In fact, I'm so far back that I've worked on a project this morning. My husband is working and so after returning from taking the dog on a 5km walk in 40minutes(yes!), I showered and got dressed, looked at myself in the mirror and decided the shirt I was wearing was WAAAAYYYY too big for me! A frenzied 45 minutes later. This is what my bed looked like.

This is what my closet now looks like:

I now have three piles of clothes for donations, three sizes that I no longer wear.
Sizes 5X-6X

Size 4X

Size 3X

So as you can see, I've done pretty darn good and I'm very happy.

Here is my activity log for the past two days as well.

Date 23-Jan
Activity Gym Stairclmber
Duration 50min 06 sec
Time in Zone 34min 56 sec
Avg Heart Rate 133
Max Heart Rate 149
Calories 744

Date 24-Jan
Activity 5km dog walk
Duration 40min 55sec
Time in Zone 34min 20se`
Avg Heart Rate 128
Max Heart Rate 153
Calories 498

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