Sunday, January 10, 2010

One step at a time....

or should I say one pound at a time? I went to weigh in yesterday morning and I was down a pound. Normally I wouldn't be that thrilled about being down a pound but considering I didn't put my all into the whole process until Thursday, I'm pretty happy with a pound.

It seems like once I got myself out of my self induced funk, I was back on track and raring to go. I logged a fair bit of activity on Friday and on Saturday I knocked it right out of the ball park. You see, Saturday night's in our house is Hockey night. For my husband anyway. I don't follow hockey all that closely, I'll usually sit reading a book while he's watching his game. Last night however I decided to head to the gym instead. I had a great work out! I did 45 minutes on the stair climber, I did the interval setting and I'm up the alternating between level 7 and level 10. This makes me very happy and it really does keep my heart rate up. I then did weights, two reps of everything, the second rep was to exhaustion. The only thing I have to remember when doing this is to watch my face. I do a lot of my weights on a ball, and when you've got a bar above your head and your arms give out, you can do yourself an injury! LOL! I did manage to get the weight bar into place by twisting it so the hooks hooked onto the grab bars up the side but still, I really could done some damage with that move! As it was I ended up falling off the darned ball. It's times like that I'm very glad the gym is quiet at night and there were only a couple of people who might of seen my go butt over tea kettle. Once I picked myself up, dusted off and finished my weights, I cooled down by doing 20 minutes on the Elliptical.

It was a great work out and a great night. The only problem was I was so wired and energized when I got home at 930 that I was still buzzing about the house at 1am when I really and truly wanted to be asleep. Ah well. Them's the breaks.

Here's my Activity Accountability Charts for the past couple of days, add onto it a couple of 20minute dog walks as well and I really did punch up the activity.

Date Jan8th
Activity Cardio
Duration 1hr 11min 11 sec
Time in Zone 1hr 10min 5sec
Avg Heart Rate 143
Max Heart Rate 146
Calories 1122

Date Jan 9th
Activity Cardio/weights
Duration 1hr 34min 36 sec
Time in Zone 1hr 30min 44 sec
Avg Heart Rate 141
Max Heart Rate 159
Calories 1452

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