Friday, January 22, 2010


So I've been off line for the past couple of days but that in no way means I haven't been active. I have been! I've been going and working and plugging along. I have weigh in tomorrow so I went to the gym to do my last chance work out. I'm pretty sure I blew it tonight though. It was my brother's birthday yesterday and as he and everyone else had to work today he was meeting people for dinner and a couple of drinks and invited my husband and I along. Knowing the restaurant that they were going to and the fact that there isn't a single menu item on there under 20 points, my husband and I decided that we would have dinner at home,(roast chicken, roasted carrots, potatoes and onions with steamed broccoli. YUMMMYYY!) and we would have a desert between us.

When we got there I ordered an unsweetened ice tea, since they serve Pepsi at the restaurant I knew it would be Lipton Iced tea, which isn't my favorite but I can't handle restaurant water. It's just blechy. Anyway long story short, one and a half glasses of iced tea and more than my fair share of Chocolate Explosion. Yep...I have weigh in tomorrow...did I mention that? I think I did all right points wise despite indulging in a bit too much of the desert(which honestly, wasn't all that great).

Ahh well. I did do a fair bit of activity this week, so here is Wednesday, Thursday and Friday's Activity Journals(Yes I do have three journals for Friday. While swtiching from cardio to weights I accidently turned off my heart rate monitor).

Date 20-Jan
Activity cardio
Duration 1hr 27min 45 sec
Time in Zone 1hr 23 min 05sec
Avg Heart Rate 134
Max Heart Rate 155
Calories 1184

Date 21-Jan
Duration 47min 15sec
Time in Zone 43min 14 sec
Avg Heart Rate 129
Max Heart Rate 145
Calories 590


Date 22-Jan
Activity Dog walk 3km
Duration 28Min 26 sec
Time in Zone 23min 05sec
Avg Heart Rate 134
Max Heart Rate 159
Calories 378

Date 22-Jan
Activity Cardio
Duration 41min 37 sec
Time in Zone 41 min 25 sec
Avg Heart Rate 135
Max Heart Rate 143
Calories 558

Date 22-Jan
Activity weights
Duration 39min 03 sec
Time in Zone 34min 30 sec
Avg Heart Rate 129
Max Heart Rate 150
Calories 356

So you see, with all of this activity, I'm hoping for a decent loss tomorrow morning.

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