Monday, January 11, 2010


I am determind to win this battle!

I am determind to lead a healthy lifestyle!

I am determind to succeed in reaching my fitness goals!

I am determind to do this right!

I was at the gym tonight working away as I usually do. I was on the stairclimber when I watched as a lady walked into the gym, walked right over to the weight tree and started lifting weights that were obviously too heavy for her. She then started lifting them the wrong way, at least I thought so. I caught the eyes of another lady on a machine across from me and she was shaking her head. This lady was going to hurt herself. Within a minute or two another woman walked over and the two were having a conversation, the lady didn't want to hear that she may be doing something wrong, that she may even hurt herself if she isn't careful. She continued what she was doing, stopped after a few minutes and left. I hope that the she didn't take the words of advice the wrong way.

I often wonder why people don't want to be told they are doing something wrong. Then I realized, I haven't wanted to hear in about my weight either. We get so defensive so easily when instead if we really took the time to listen and think about what the other person is saying, perhaps we wouldn't find ourselves in the situations we find ourselves in. Maybe, if I had listened to people when I was younger and lighter, I woudn't be facing this daunting task of losing more than 100 pounds. But...I'm determined to do it! I will do it.

Here is today's Activity Accountibility charts for Sunday and Monday.

Date Jan 10th
Activity Cardio/weights
Duration 1hr 21min 26 sec
Time in Zone 1hr 20min 15sec
Avg Heart Rate 138
Max Heart Rate 152
Calories 1156

Date 11-Jan
Activity Cardio/weights
Duration 1hr 19min 46 sec
Time in Zone 1hr 11min 20sec
Avg Heart Rate 135
Max Heart Rate 147
Calories 1090

I hope you have a great Tuesday! I'm looking forward to it!

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