Sunday, December 6, 2009

Started the day off right.

I had a great night last night with my friends and the cookie exchange, I did well. I only had a shortbread cookies, a lemon square, a snicker doodle and a rum ball. We then had some cheese and crackers as well. I did great, I kept myself in check and had a fabulous points day yesterday.

Today started off great, had an English muffin with p-butter on it before heading to the gym, where I worked my buns off. My husband got me Jillian Michaels Hot Bod in a box from costco a little while ago, so today I did Work out 4 for my weights.

Today's Exercise routine.
Stair Climber, 30 minutes on Level 8(the whole time!!!!)
Weights: Wide Grip Lat pull down,
Medium underhand Grip pull down
Pelvic Thrust
BOSU Lunges ( She calls for Jumping lunges, I tried but couldn't do them)
Hill walk at incline of 12 for 1 minute speed 4mph.

Terry pulls
Standing Lat pull down
Back kicks with Shoulder press(I certainly don't have the form that they show on the card.)
Hill walk at incline of 12 for 1 minute speed 4mph.

Low dumbbell rows
Step ups (40 on alternating legs)
Butt Kicks (I really did kick myself in the butt a couple of times LOL!)

Incline Bicep Curls
Ball Crunches
One Leg Pelvic Thrusts
Butt Kicks

Dead Lift
Boat pose ( I couldn't do this, I tried a few times and then did 50 crunches)
Reverse Plank(again, I couldn't do this so I did the regular plank)

Elliptical 25 min on Hill Climb level 7(Goes up to level 17 during the program)

So this is what my Accountable Activity chart for today looks like.
Date December 6th
Activity Gym Workout
Duration 1hr 34min 15 sec
Time in Zone 1hr 27min 48 sec
Avg Heart Rate 142bpm
Max Heart Rate 165bpm
Calories 1442

Have a great day everyone!!!

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