Sunday, December 13, 2009

Great day!

Saturday was a great day! It really and truly was. I was a little concerned going to weigh in, I wasn't sure if I had managed to lose anything last week due to eating out so much. I did lose though! I lost 1.8 pounds! Total weight loss to date. 21.2 pounds. I'm proud of myself. I've worked hard to lose every ounce of those pounds. I want to hopefully be down 25 pounds by Christmas. I'm not compeletely sure how realistic that is, but we're going to give it my best shot.

Saturday was also my Christmas party. I love entertaining, I love having people over, I LOVE having a house full of people. I had all of that yesterday and more. I tried to make a really concious effort to ensure that I had good healthy choices for people and it paid off. I received numerous compliments on my cooking, which I really do appreciate. However, I also got many complements on the choices of food that people had. One person went so far as to tell me she loved the choices. She had been at another party the night previous where almost all of the food choices were high fat, high calories items. She loved the fact that I had this great big platter of Veggies. Instead of having a variety of cookies and cakes, I had a fruit platter, with chocolate fondue beside it, if someone really wanted it. I love the fact that I poured out about 90% of the chocolate. That made me feel really good!

It was a great succesful evening, everyone left happy, and had a great time. I'm already looking forward to my next big party, BOXING DAY BRUNCH! I'm going to try to find as many healthy choices for that morning as well.

This is this weeks Activity Accountability Chart.

Date Week Dec 6-12
Activity various
Duration 9hr 15min 45 sec
Time in Zone 8hr 10 min 23 sec
Avg Heart Rate 129
Max Heart Rate 144
Calories 6622

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  1. Katie, thank you for a wonderful paty/open house. EVERYTHING was amazing! We really enjoyed ourselves :)