Friday, December 4, 2009

Last Chance workout!

It is Friday night, which only means one thing. Tomorrow is weigh in day! I had a crazy busy day today and worked in both of my offices. I took lunch with me to work but didn't manage to eat any of it other than my mandarin orange. That was it. I was so hungry when I got home from work, my Dear Husband had started dinner for us so in no time at all we were eating dinner. After dinner we were both very good, we got in the car heading to get desert and changed our minds. I KNOW. We changed our minds, instead we ended up at the grocery store so I could get some baking supplies(making a few dozen cookies for a cookie exchange tomorrow night) and we even passed up on the bakery stuff. I had been tempted to grab a brownie but after seeing 500 calories and 34 grams of fat, holy cow, it will be frosty day in he## before I have a store bought brownie again. Instead I opted for a cadbury thin bar, 2 points, that's all, and then I didn't have it until after I got home from the gym.

I worked hard at the gym tonight. REALLY HARD!!! I did an hour of the Elliptical on the Mountain Climb Setting, the ramp at level 5 and the resistance started at level 6 and went as high as level 15. I was sweating up a storm. After my time on the Elliptical was up it was weight time.

Now the thing with weights, is you have to do then quite intensely to keep your heart rate up, but tonight I did it. I challenged myself on everything I did and upped the weights on everything.

Tonight I did: Triceps Press 21's 45lb's(7 wide, 7 med, 7 inner) x3
Straight arm pull down 65lb's 15 rep x 3
Double Ball Press 15lb's 15 rep x 3
Bosu Squats 25 x 3
Ball wall Lunge 25 x 3
Ball Bench press 30lb's x 15 reps x 3
Curl to ball Crunches 30 x 3
Pec Fly Ball Crunch 15lb's x 15reps x 3
Stair runs 2 ups and downs x 3
Lat pull downs 45lbs x 15 x 3
Superman on the ball, 20 x 3

It was a great work out. Here is my activity accountability chart for today.

Date Dec 4th
Activity Weights and Elliptical
Duration 1hr, 37min, 23sec
Time in Zone 1hr, 36min, 33sec
Avg Heart Rate 137
Max Heart Rate 155
Calories 1204

I'm hoping for a really good weigh in, I've put in a little over 5 hours of intense activity in this week, so here's for hoping for the best!

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  1. WTG in kicking it Biggest Loser style. Sounds like an awesome workout. I'm sure you will see great numbers on the scale today.