Tuesday, December 29, 2009


that delectable, delicious milk product that calls to me from far and wide. Here I am....look how tasty I am....smell how good I smell? I admit, I have a love affair with cheese. Cheese is my downfall. It really and truly is. You know those blocks of cheese that you can get at Costco, the 1kg bricks that you think should last a couple of weeks at least. I can eat one of those in a week. Really! Truly! If I buy one of them, I can guarantee you that I will be having cheese with everything. I try to be good and get the light cheese, but still I still woof that thing back as though it was going out of style. Chop off a piece here, chop off a piece there, a nibble here a nibble there and before I knew it the brick was done and I'm saying to myself, where did all the cheese go??? When I rededicated myself to my weight loss regime, I said no more cheese. No matter what, I could not have it in the house. One serving is three points. Three! That's a baked a potato! I was really and truly missing my cheese, I always ask for cheese when I go to Subway, which isn't all that often, but it would give me my cheese fix now and then. I then substituted by eating cottage cheese. NOT THE SAME AT ALL!!!! Let me tell you, as a cheese connoisseur there is no mistaking cottage cheese for regular cheese!

Then, two weeks ago, at my WW meeting I heard about Laughing Cow cheese. Have you heard of this cheese? It comes in a pre packaged servings, and two wedges of this glorious cheese is only 1 point! Two wedges! 1 point!!!! Happy day! I now have my cheese fix. I really and truly do, it isn't the same as Cheddar, or Swiss or Havarti, but it really does give me my cheese fix. As I type this I'm having my evening snack of rice crackers and cheese. Very yummy, very satisfying. And best of all...I get to eat cheese again!

I didn't get online last night but I did make myself go to the gym last night and tonight. Hopefully I'll get over this head cold soon and will back up to full speed again. For now though here is my activity accountability charts for yesterday and today.

Date 28-Dec
Activity Cardio at gym
Duration 35min 34 sec
Time in Zone 36min 16 sec
Avg Heart Rate 127
Max Heart Rate 138
Calories 448

Date 29-Dec
Activity Cardio weights
Duration 1 hr 2min 6 sec
Time in Zone 55min, 50 sec
Avg Heart Rate 129
Max Heart Rate 151
Calories 826


  1. Cheese is not the why but a large part of the how I got to be so overweight!

    Love the laughing cow on rivyta bread!


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