Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines day!!!

...perhaps today was not the best day to "get" myself back on track. I did good though. Instead of going for a high calorie restaurant dinner, my husband took me to a new restaurant in town called RAIN for brunch. Now, if you live in the Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Mission, Aldergrove or Langley area. You have GOT to go to RAIN for brunch. It was the best brunch I have ever had, they have a build your own omelet station, a crepe station and a HUGE variety of breakfast foods, lunch foods, salad's and deserts(including a chocolate fountain). All for under 15.00 per person including your coffee/tea and pop. It was great.

I did choose my options carefully, I asked for a small omelet with ham, cheese and mushroom, I had to pieces of bacon, a small scoop of hasbrowns and some fruit. I then also had a crepe. The best thing was, he made it exactly as I asked for it, fresh strawberries, no custard, a LITTLE bit of whipped cream and just a touch of Chocolate drizzle. My bunch cost me 22 points, but I tell ya, that was all I really had to eat all day. After coming home from the gym tonight, I made my husband and I Light Caesar salad with grilled chicken breast, 8 points for dinner for I still came in right at my points!

I tracked everything I ate and drank today! It felt really good to be back in that routine where I wrote down everything I ate while I ate it. I picked up one of the little clickers at my WW meeting yesterday so I used that to tick off the points I knew about when we were out and then looked up the rest when we got home.

So besides tracking my food today, I also got in a fair bit of activity.

I took the dog for a nice walk and then I went to the gym as well.

Here's what my activity Accountability looks like today:

Activity....... Dog Walk.........Gym
Duration .......32min 14 sec.....1hour 6min 25sec
In zone ........17min 42 sec.....1hour 3min 01sec
Avg Heart rate ...121 ...............129
Max Heart rate ...155............... 153
Calories burned...352 ...............948

I hope you all had a great Valentines day! Talk to you tomorrow!

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