Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm baaaccckkk!!

and I feel good...it's been a great two days. I stayed completely on program yesterday, went to the gym and I have to tell you. I knocked it out of the ball park! I did indeed, I did 30 min's on the Stair Climber on the fat burner setting then I did my weights, doing every kind of lunge and squat possible!Including wall sits. I did some upper body stuff-chest press, tricep pull downs, straight arm pull downs, hammer curls, pivot curls, not too much as that will be Wednesday's work out. I then finished up with another 20min's on the stair climber while waiting for my husband to finish his Spin Class. I have to say, I'm toying with the idea of joining the class. I just have to work up enough nerve to do it.

My activity Accountability for Monday is:
Duration......1hr, 22min 24 sec
Time in zone..1hr, 16min 13 sec
AVG heart rate....133
MAX heart rate....165
Calories burned ..1084

Today was another good day. I didn't take a full lunch to work with me as I have GOT to go grocery shopping this week, but had to wait until today at least, so I had my banana, I had my crackers with laughing cow cheese and when it was time to go for lunch down to the mall food court I went. I have to tell you, malls do not have healthy food choices. Fortunately there is a Quiznos so I grabbed a cup of soup from there and then I went over to the build your own salad place. They do these great vegetarian wraps with what you want in it. By asking, I was able to calculate the points value for the actual wrap, only 4 points, so I had a good well balanced and points friendly lunch. YEAH for me!!! I didn't have the Sub, I didn't have the A&W, I didn't have the Terriyaki Chicken, the New York Fries, the Thai way Express, the Manchu Wok, the Mrs. Vanelli's NOR the KCF/Taco Bell. I'm really pleased with myself.

Tonight was Belly dancing class and believe it or not you can get quite a workout doing Belly Dancing. I only have one more week left in this set of classes and I'm debating whether to do more or not but it is so much fun and a good work out to boot.

Here is today's Activity Accountability Chart.

Duration .....59min 34 sec
Time in zone..32min 57 sec
AVG heart rate...119
MAX heart rate...127
Cals burned......345

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