Monday, August 23, 2010

Still no excuses!!!

I'm sorry...I really am, I'm still here, I've just been so blinking busy! I really and truly have. I have been meaning to get caught up but I haven't had a chance so let's do a real quick recap of the past five days.

1. Wednesday night, I went to aquafit class and my mom, who is terrified of water and hates it with a passion, (and rightfully so, I may add). Went to her doctor and he was happy with the progress of her blood pressure and her diabetes, but told her he wanted her to get moving, even if it was just moving back and forth in the water. So...long story short, and what should be a blog in and of itself, my mom came to aqua fit, she stayed by the wall so that she could hold onto it but she did it and I'm soooo proud of her!

2. Thursday was a typical work day and I hit the pool on my way home from work, managed to do my 13 laps again. Happy day happy day! Stayed on track with points and all!

3. Friday, was supposed to be a day off, but I ended up having to go into Burnaby for a training session so I was up and on the road by 6am, had a meeting with my co run director for the Run for the Cure, came home, made dinner...then took the dog for a nice walk instead of swimming, truth be told, I forgot to hang my suit up on Thursday night, it was still wet on Friday when I realized that my gym bag was still in the trunk so no swimming on Friday.

4. Saturday. I needed to get another tankini top as yesterday's experience was sticking in my craw a little bit, so off my mom and I went to find one. Went to AdditionElle, went to Pennington's and they both had nothing left. Ended up buying a one piece swim suit that I've had to take apart and remake as it was too big for me, but oh well. Saturday night, we test drove that newly remade tankini top and hit the pool. I did 15 laps on saturday. Wahoo!!

Sunday!!!!! Dohm, da dah de dohm....WEIGH IN DAY!!!!
EEEEKKKK!!! The weigh in has not done so good for me the past couple of week so I was a little nervous about it but for no real reason, down almost 3 pounds!!! WAHOOO!!!!

There's something to be said for this swimming after all! My husband and I decided that we were going to do a road trip so we packed up Angus and headed out to Keremeos to buy our canning fruit and tomato's. 40 pounds of tomato's to pack this week and I just don't know when the heck I'm going to get it done! That's another post though...back to sunday, so after driving round trip 546km's, what did Katie do? Did she sit on the couch and veg? Crawl into bed and nap? Start canning? None of the above! Katie went swimming! YEAH ME!!!! No excuses means no excuses and right now, I'm rocking the no excuse thing!

Have a fabulous monday everyone....


  1. Nice job Katie. The pool at my gym is closed for renos and has been for a while and I actually miss it...

    Way to go on the weight loss too - Wahoo is right!

  2. Excellent job on all that activity and excellent pay off on the scales!