Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I'm entering into week three of my new excercise regime swimming. My goal has been to swim 10 laps or 20 lengths of the pool. I have stayed on track and tried my hardest to keep swimming the whole way. There are a few times when I have had to stop as I'm sure I've just swallowed half of the water in the pool, but I keep going once I get my breath back.

Last night I worked until 530, and length swim is from 530 to 630. The first week of swimming, it was taking me almost the full hour to get my ten laps in. I was a little nervous last night as I wasn't sure if I would be able to get all 10 laps in. I arrived at the pool, quickly changed, showered and hit the pool at extactly 545pm. I got started on my laps and just went. There weren't that many people in the slow lane so I don't know really know if I was swimming faster than I have been. Or, if I've just gotten better. I was done my 10 laps in the pool and looked up at the big time clock as I finished my last lap and it was 618pm. I was in the water for not even 40 minutes yet I hit my goal of number of laps!

So the big question I swimming faster, or just better? Am I improving my form or was it the time pressure in my mind that I had limited time to get my laps in? I guess I may have to judge it tonight when I hit the water. What do you think?


  1. I think probably both. You are getting stronger and your form is probably improving, so you are swimming better, more efficiently which means you are getting faster.

    Like my circular logic?

  2. Good job on the swimming Katie. It's hard to say whether it you were swimming faster or better. I suspect its probably a little of both. I also found after swimming for a few weeks, I was much calmer in the water and it made me stroke much more relaxed and and more effective.

    Whatever the reason, keep up the great work and hope you keep enjoying it.