Thursday, October 7, 2010


That was a busy few weeks but the Run for the Cure in Abbotsford went off for the most part without a hitch and I am now returning to the land of actually having time to breathe! YEAH! I have a few more run related events coming up, I also have to tidy up my basement! It currently looks as though the Run for the Cure threw up all over my house! My basement has become the temporary storage area for everything until we can get it all sorted, packed and labelled so that the people who need it next year will have it.

Working with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, CIBC Run for the Cure has been an enlightening experience. As with any major event's, you don't go without your hiccups or false starts but we did it! We had a phenomenal turn out at this year's race with over 1800 participants, over $291,000(and still counting) and we had over 100 volunteers help out. It was indeed a sight to be seen and it's something that I am very proud to have been a part of! See some of my amazing committee below!

So now what? Now that the Run is done, life is coming back to normal what's next for Katie? Getting moving again. I haven't done a lot of swimming the past two weeks, simply no time! However, I figure I did enough excercise on Saturday and Sunday make up for that and the next two weeks as well. I will be hitting the pool at 8am tomorrow morning for my aqua spinning class. I'm off of work as I work on the weekend and I'm quite happy to be able to take in an aqua spin class. I've missed going for the past two weeks so this is a good thing to my way of thinking!

So I hope you all have a fabulous Friday, and I WILL be talking to to you tomorrow! Have a great evening everyone!


  1. ohhhh Katie, please post about the aqua spin class. What is this class all about.

  2. Katie, I want to say thank you for taking such a huge roll in run for the cure. This disease is rampant in both sides of my family and I want to see it stomped out so that my nieces won't have to worry about it.

    You are very inspiring.