Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thanksgiving how was your Thanksgiving? I ended up having two of them. Yes! Two! I was a little freaked out at first that I was going to have to sit through two turkey dinners, deserts and everything else and I was honestly VERY nervous about it. I decided going in that I would have a plan of attack ready and raring to go. On Saturday I ate very little during the day, I had breakfast, and I had a light lunch(bowl of soup). I got home from work and I was hungry, hungry, hungry! I knew that dinner would be at 7pm so I filled up my water bottle and drank some water. When we went over to our friends for dinner, they had some cheese and crackers out, I helped myself to a few and then put my plate aside. I sipped some water and when it came time to eat dinner. I was very proud of myself. I took a little bit of several things, but not everything. I only had one helping of everything, a little bit of gravy and that was it. I did indulge in desert. Pumpkin Pie! My favorite, it was home made pumpkin pie and I had a little piece along with a little dollop of whipped cream. I was satified. I wasn't over stuffed as I usually get during these types of meals.

I was proud of myself. Especially considering that I had weigh in to do the next morning. I was a little apprehensive on Sunday morning. I didn't get to the gym at all last week as I wasn't feeling well and I was still running around doing Run stuff. I have to say though that I was happy! I stayed the same! Now that may not seem like a huge accomplishment to some, but considering that I had lost 4 pounds the week before, I had eaten out 3 times and I had a turkey dinner. Well, all in all, I was very happy.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day, my husband and I tranferred most of the run stuff from our basement to the storage closet and for dinner we had home made Cream of Mushroom soup. - Non Fat! and sandwiches for dinner. Again we ate light, knowing that on Monday we were heading over to my parents house where we as a family have a tradition of cooking enough food to feed a small army!

My husband and I had a light breaksfast of muffins and tea and then we held off during the day. We headed over to my parents house around 2 in the afternoon and instead of the usual chips and dips and lots of appetizer's. My mom didn't put anything out at all. I was soooo very thankful for that! It meant that I wouldn't graze all afternoon while we prepared dinner and then sit down to a full dinner. By the time dinner time came around, I was very hungry, but common sense prevailed, I took a little bit of most things, and a little bit of gravy. For desert I had picked up a pumpkin pie at my local grocery store and I had a small piece, this time without ice cream or whipped cream. I was truly satisfied. I wasn't groaning from being full or feeling sick to my stomach from being over stuffed.

This was a true Non Scale Victory for me. I'm not afraid to say no when the platters are coming around for the second time. It feels GREAT to be in Control. So what am I thankful for? A loving, caring and understanding family who understands the struggle I'm going through and is helping me over come it!

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  1. Those are indeed NSVs!!

    Here's to being in control!