Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm back!!!

Well, to be honest I got back a week ago today, but between jetlag, catching up at work, catching up at home and the general return to craziness, I haven't had any time to stop by. But, here I am!

My conference went really well. As expected we were busy, busy, busy. I did get in one gym workout, it lasted half an hour. However, I did do multiple hotel inspections, and when you're walking around a mega resort in 40degree weather with 100% humidity. Trust me it's a work out. As well, on one of the Inspection days, the supplier turned it into an Amazing Race game so there we were in teams of 8 running like mad people through resorts to accomplish our tasks. That was more of a workout then working out was. Let me tell you! I will post pictures of it later.

I'm finally over the jetlag. I think it's odd. Take me to Europe with an 8 hour time difference and I'm fine. Take me to the east coast and it takes a week to get over the 3 hour time difference. Oh well. What can you do?

While I was away, I gained 8 pounds. YES 8 pounds....although, I'm pretty sure that ALL of that was water weight as of yesterday when I weighed myself on my regular weigh in day, I am down 1 pound from the week before I left. Considering I got in zero work out time last week and didn't really watch my eating plan that much, I am pretty confidant in saying the 8 pounds was water weight. My fingers, legs and feet can attest to that. I'm finally able to wear my rings again and do up my running shoes. YEAH!

Today's plan, I brought lunch with me, a good balanced lunch, dinner will be a simple stir fry and then we're off to the gym tonight for an hour's worth of cardio and resistance training. I hope you all have a great day!

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