Saturday, July 3, 2010

Busy week....

I always find it so amazing how time flies by when you have a huge to do list and have a lot of plans. This past week flew by with barely any notice! I tell you!

I meant to get back into blogging every night before I go to bed but it just didn't happen this week. I will do my best to get everything down daily from now on. I promise.

First of all. I got to the gym on Monday, I did 10 minutes of the stair climber, 35 minutes of weights, 25 minutes of elliptical and 30 minutes of stair climber. Then I walked the dog when I got home from the gym. I was exhausted but felt really good.

Tuesday I got to the gym, it was a light cardio day, 40 minutes on the Elliptical.

Wednesday I did not get to the gym. I had every intention of doing so but I just didn't get there. By the time I was done work and doing all the running around to the Storage locker, sorting through boxes and putting kits for the Parade and the Family Festival. It was after 10pm and I was just too exhausted.

I did make up for it on Thursday though. Thursday was Canada Day! I was in the Canada Day Parade as part of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, CIBC Run for the Cure Committee. We entered a float and we walked the Parade route. Not quite 5km's but I figure I probably did about 7km when you count in all the zig zagging from side to side to make sure that people on both sides of the street were getting their goodies etc. Then it was to the Family Festival where we handed out more Breast Cancer Awareness items and put tattoo's on pretty much every child that was there. I swear to goodness!

Friday found me in the car going out to Vancouver to have a meeting about my position as a Run Director for the Run here in Abbotsford, then my mom and I went walking through the shops in Langley before finally heading home.

Today has been a busy day running errands and doing things around the house. Although I did not go to the gym today, I have taken the dog on a 5km walk as well as another walk around the block this evening.

I got a lot accomplished this week and I'm feeling pretty good about it. I'm going to start tracking my food again though. I've not done this in quite a while and I'm seeing the results on the scale. I was only down a pound this week and with all the activity I got in, I figure I should have lost at least two or three.

So here's to a new week starting tomorrow. To my American Friends, Happy 4th of July!

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