Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day of Reckoning.

All right, today is weigh in day, but to give you a little bit of background. We got back from our trip on Tuesday night, all was well, Wednesday spent the day doing laundry, grocery shopping and getting ready to go back to work on Thursday. Woke up about 2am on Thursday morning really not feeling well, began throwing up and running to the washroom. I couldn't stop the waterworks so 14 hours later we ended up at the hospital where I had to be given 5 bags of IV Fluids. A few injections of gravol and I was sent home six hours later. Spent Friday in bed, still running to the bathroom constantly but no longer throwing up. YEAH! Today I'm feeling a lot better but still not up to going to work.

I debated going to weigh in, not sure if I should or not but my husband decided he would drive me up and wait for me and bring me home. I went to weigh in and discovered that I lost 4.2 pounds. DOWN 4.2 pounds! Normally I would be ecstatic about that kind of a loss but I'm wondering how much of it is a false loss. Do you know what I mean? When you haven't been able to retain any liquids or food for 36 hours, how much of that weight loss is really a loss?

It's something I have to think upon and honestly I'm already mentally preparing myself for a gain next week as I get better and start to eat and drink again. We'll see though. If I manage to maintain or lose next week, then we'll do the happy dance.

For now, I'll say yeah, and I'm heading back to my bed for a little while. It's amazing how worn out a person gets running to the washroom, isn't it?

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