Sunday, May 16, 2010

Let's get physcial...

physical..I wanna get physical, let's get into physical
Let me hear your body talk, your body talk, let me hear your body talk

All right, I realize I have just completely dated myself by typing those infamous words to Olivia Newton Johns' song Physical. It was in the early 80's? Maybe. I know that it was played everywhere and the video(who remembersGood Rockin' tonight on CBC with Stu Jeffries?) was scandalous.

Ah well....those were the days. Fortunately the skin tight bodysuit and leotard with leg warmers is no longer how we dress to go to the gym. If that were the case everyone there would have run from the building screaming in terror as I walked in the doors. Instead I was in my shorts, my trust old work out t-shirt and my good runners. It was time to get physical. And physical I did get. I started with a 10 minute warm up on the stair climber. Then I switched over to my weight program. After the first interval, I did another 10 minutes of cardio by using the rower and then back to my last interval of weights. I was cooling down on the Elliptical when my husband came up to get me.

Revitalized and rejuvenated I had to wonder why I had put off going to the gym for so long. It's been a really long time since I was there and I felt so GOOD when I was done!

Of course last night, I pulled a typical Katie move and while reaching into the cupboard bottom shelf, I managed to twist myself into a pretzel and hurt my neck. I think I've strained the muscles. It honestly feels like whiplash. I don't know how I did it, but I did. So alas, today I didn't go to the gym. I am simply too stiff and sore in my neck area, the silliest things hurt, like sneezing (hello allergies!), picking up a pot, petting the dog. All these silly mundane things are hurting me today so I'm going to take it easy today, but alas tomorrow I will be back at the gym! Nothing is holding me back now. Absolutely nothing!

Weigh in was yesterday, and I'm happy to advise you that I was down 1.4 pounds. YEAH ME!

We're back on track and loving every minute it of. Here I am being accountable so we may as well just get yesterday's activity on the page so to speak.

Activity Dog Walk
Duration 50 min
Distance 6ish km's.
Heart Rate. Don't know forget to start it.

Activity Gym Work out
Duration 50min, 35 sec
Time in zone 47min, 02 sec
AVG Heart Rate 128
Max Heart Rate 149
Calories burned 624

Have a super day everyone!

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  1. "Good Rockin' tonight on CBC with Stu Jeffries?"

    lol, I totally do :)