Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bad Blogger!

Yes I've been a bad blogger! I haven't been blogging. I keep meaning to and then before I know it, I'm laying in bed and I'm thinking to myself. I didn't blog again!

I'm's been an eventful two weeks and I've had quite a few Non Scale Victories. The swimming is going well. I'm still enjoying it and I managed to find two new tankini tops that will hopefully get me through the winter. I've been busy attending all sorts of product training. It's that time of year in the travel industry when all of the suppliers host their breakfast or dinner training shows. I've been pretty busy with work, and volunteer stuff for the CBCF CIBC Run for the Cure, but my hubby and I even managed to get down to Seattle last saturday to take in a ball game. The Minnesota Twins were in Seattle! It was a fun day filled with lots to do and see.

So that's been the past two weeks in a very small nut shell. Now onto the exciting stuff!

Non Scale Victory #1? I got my Tankini's in SEARS! Yes indeed, I was able to buy not one, but two tankini's in SEARS! YEAH! They were even on sale, so it was like two for the price of one! YEAH ME!

Non Scale Victory #2? I managed to get swimming in every day, even if it meant getting up at 6am to head to the pool to swim laps before work as I had after work training sessions.

Non Scale Victory #3? I managed to eat healthily despite dinner presentations and in the five shows I attended I only had one desert and that was a fruit desert that only cost me 4 points(including the whipped cream!)

Non Scale Victory #4? Even at the ball game, fast food mecca that it is, between the foot long hot dogs, the hamburgers the size of your head, the Ivars Fish and Chips, the Garlic Fries, the Nachos...I could go on and on, I ate healthily. How do you ask? Safeco field has Sushi! That's right, I had california rolls at the ball game and they only cost me 6 points! WAHOO!! Dinner on the way home was a salad with grilled chicken with low fat vinagrette on the side..... Oh HAPPY DANCE!!!
I took in a ball game, ate out Breakfast, lunch and dinner and still had points left to munch on Smart Pop microwave popcorn later that night! was your week?

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  1. You are knocking them out of the park!

    Congrats on all of it. So exciting to be able to buy swim suits from a "regular" store!